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Retail - Central management

Global retail corporations must coordinate the operations of all stores that are geographically dispersed. Central surveillance management provides a solution that allows security operators to monitor all stores from a centralized site, such as the company headquarters. XProtect® software is a scalable solution that enables firms to grow their surveillance solution as their business expands.

Solution features
  • Easy to find and export video evidence if further action needs to be taken
  • Milestone Interconnect provides a centralized overview of multiple sites while allowing individual sites to monitor their own installation
  • With Edge Storage and Milestone Interconnect, vehicles that transport merchandise can automatically transfer relevant data to headquarters once the vehicle is connected to a network or Internet connection, helping retailers track merchandise shipments
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Interactive maps and Camera Navigator allow users to navigate easily between multiple sites, monitor different sections in a specific building and examine a specific camera within a building sector
  • Prioritized alarm list gives an overview of active alarms and their severity
  • Bookmark certain video sections for further investigation
  • XProtect Smart Wall offers a complete overview of multiple sites to improve responsiveness when an alarm sounds
  • With Video Push, security officers can transmit live video from problem areas to a central security office
  • With XProtect Transact, video sequences can be linked with receipt and transaction data gathered from the point-of-sale (POS) system and automatic teller machines (ATMs)
  • XProtect Retail integrates into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and performs advanced transaction data analysis that helps retailers optimize store operations by identifying fraud scenarios and helping reduce shrinkage

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